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Before seeing Cassandra I was a mess and I mean a mess!

I endured over 1 year of severe constipation that made me feel horrible physically and mentally. I had tried everything under the sun to resolve my problem with no relief. This includes eating very healthy and following everything by the book that my nutritionist  had recommended for me. After my first session I experienced relief unlike anytime that I can ever recall.  I couldn’t believe how much waste was removed from my life. My mental clarity and well being improved almost immediately. After my third day from my first session, I was able to have a normal well shaped bowel movement unlike anything that I had seen in over a year. I’ve now done 3 sessions and haven’t felt better since being a child. I wish that I would have done this over a year ago. I would have avoided a lot of unneccessry crankiness and agitation that now has lifted out of my life. The setting here is very clean and comfortable. This comforted me a lot especially because it took me over a month of hesitation to get myself to do this. Cassandra is wonderful and I instantly felt comfortable with her.  If you have my described problem or just want a good healthy cleanse, please utilize this service as soon as you can. You won’t regret it.  Cassandra truly is a helping healer.

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Sandpoint, Idaho


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