“We receive our energy be eating the sunlight in plants and animals.  Every heartbeat and every step you took today was fueled by the sun.”
– Eliot Cowan

Happy July!  On June 21st we moved into our summer season.  This is the season of water-filled fruits and veggies and eating lighter overall.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, the element for the first part of summer is Fire.  Fire is associated with joy and laughter, heat and the spark from which life is derived. The heart and small intestines are ruled by this season. As are the functions of circulation and heating.

During this season, it is great to put a little extra emphasis on your heart and intestine health.  I have included a few ideas below on how to modify your diet to best promote your health during the Fire season.

Beneficial Summer Foods

by Carrie L’Esperance and modified by Cassandra Orjala

The warmth of summer helps us all desire lighter, more water-rich foods.  When it comes to the Fire element, diet and exercise are very important to keep it strong.  During this summer time, it is easy and healthy to cut back on the more refined and animal fat foods and focus on fruits and vegetables.

When selecting your summer foods focus on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, leaves, seeds, beans, peas and herbs that are in season.  Carrots, for example, make a great juice base and can be juiced with all sorts of other ingredients like apple, parsley, celery, beet, cucumber, ginger, yam or even horseradish for some delicious combinations!

Summer Juice Fasting Information

by Carrie L’Esperance and modified by Cassandra Orjala

Spring and summer are great times for doing some simple juice fasting of 1 – 10 days.  There are so many water-rich fruits and vegetables during this time that can be made into delicious and healthful juices for fasting.  Even a one day fast can be very healing and should not be underestimated or neglected as a great option.  Just make sure that it lasts at least 24 hours.  Here’s a great summer juice to make to get started on your summer fast.

Summer Solstice Fasting Juice
2 ripe avocados
2 Fresh red tomatoes
2 bunches of carrots (with tops)
12 stalks celery
3 yellow summer squash
1 tsp burdock root
2 small red beets
2 cups pure water

Juice all items except avocados. Remove avocado flesh and blend with juice. Juice should make about 2 quarts.

To fast drink 8 – 10 ounces every 2-3 hours and drink pure water with lemon in between.  Peppermint or chamomile tea can be enjoyed in the evening.

Remember when finishing any fast, be gentle to your digestive system.  Reintroduce a normal diet slowly and thoughtfully and continue to drink juice as you reintroduce solid foods.  Some great foods to start your reintroduction process are foods like apples, vegetable soups, salads and other water-rich foods. Slowly introduce heavier foods over a few day span until you are back to a standard, healthy diet.