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Welcome friends. Radiant Health offers Colon Hydrotherapy, Massage, and Nutritional Counseling. Please take your time and explore the information and stories of this site. Feel free to contact Cassandra with questions and concerns.”

Cassandra started her journey into holistic health in 1977 at a healing gathering in Kettle Falls, WA. In a healing crisis herself, she was treated by a man who used tinctures, herbs, and iridology. It was the beginning of a passion that has spanned almost 3 decades. For 3 years she left a job as a hairdresser in Seattle, WA to attend these gatherings and gather information about diet, cleansing, and natural or alternative health. In 1979 she graduated from Seattle massage school intending to include this in the salon but fate brought her to Coeurd’ Alene, ID. in October of 1980.

The journey continued with raising two boys, now in their 30s, completely with natural healing. She also continued to explore a variety of modalities. “ I’ve long felt that many things contribute to our dis-ease. In 1980 I heard Bernard Jenson speak in Canada and he said that we need to heal body-mind-and spirit to realize long-term healing”.

After 9 years of cleansing and enemas, Cassandra met a woman who did Colonics. She received colonics for two years. Then trained to administer and worked in a clinic for 2 years before starting her own practice. 

“She strives to uncover the underlying cause of problems and treat the whole person. She is a master health coach and healer.”

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