Ashley is a  young active 21 year old college student. At first glance you wouldn’t know she suffers from Crohn’s disease. Ashley was diagnosed In 2009. Her case of Crohn’s is slightly different, the disease manifested in the upper ilium.  Her small intestine was also swollen shut, which caused her to be hooked up to an IV.  She had 30  different IVs in 40 hours because her veins kept collapsing.  This all caused her intestines to be riddled with ulcers.

Her illness was affecting her life in a very overwhelming way, she had to quit soccer, she was always sick in school, so she knew something was wrong. She had to undergo treatment.

She has done the barium test 3 times and counting. Ashley is also on heavy medication for a broad spectrum of problems. She has been frequently attending yoga to calm her stress levels.  She recently found Cassandra’s business card at the yoga studio and inquired about colonics.  Ashley scheduled her first colonic for July 19 2012.  She had a lot of questions about colonics and if it would be beneficial for her to continue getting them.  Considering the amount of medication she is on and the bile treatments she has been doing having a colonic would help rid her body of all of these toxins.  She was fascinated with the process of the colonic.  Her liver was dumping heavy toxic bile.  She did very well and commented on how she felt a pocket of something that is stuck and would not release.  She seemed to have really liked colonics because she scheduled another session the next morning.  When she came in for the second treatment she mentioned how her glands which are always huge went down.  She also said she felt less stressed and very calm.  Ashley loved getting her colonic and plans to continue to get colonics especially after barium treatments.  Cassandra was thrilled she could help Ashley with her illness.