Kristoff was diagnosed with testicular cancer in December 2010. The tumor was removed and the doctors wanted Kristoff to undergo chem0 therapy just to be sure it didn’t come back.  Then the cancer started growing, the doctors were pushing toward chemo therapy overlooking the nasty side effects that chemo brings. Doctors really don’t want you to do anything other that western medicine but Kristoff was brave and took his chances, he made a decision.  That decision was chemo as a last resort; so he had to take alternative measures to healing the cancer. The side effects for a massage therapist and musician to loose hearing and feeling in the finger tips just was not an option for Kristoff.  So he took things into his own hands to be cured of cancer. (This link is a detailed story written by Kristoff himself about his journey through healing the cancer) Kristoff says,” If you want to fight cancer colonics are a must. If you are not cleansing your colon, you will not beat the cancer.”  Kristoff also drastically changed his diet, included detox and exercise, along with supplements and the Beck Protocol.  Kristoff continues to come see Cassandra and his tumor was last updated December 2010  “The radiologist reading my most recent CT scan did not even report any abnormalities. The tumor is reduced so much that you can only tell that something is there if you know what it looked like before. The oncologist says that I am now in complete remission]”.  Kristoff is inspiring to many people who are also fighting cancer. Chemo does not have to be your only option. Start colonics, incorporate a comprehensive detox, and  take steps to change your diet and live a healthier lifestyle. Don’t forget to work on a positive attitude, it is essential for healing!

Disclaimer: This literature is the experience of a private individual. The following steps to cure cancer were not recommended by any doctor or specialist and are recorded here for educational purposes. Consult your doctor for medical advice.