For almost a year, I’ve been working with a client who had been ‘”meaning” to come in for a colonic. Her experience was one that I have heard before. She was having chronic, pervasive health issues and not making much progress with Western Medicine. She decided to try a different health approach.

She has been working with a Functional Medicine Doctor now for a while. Functional Medicine looks at genetics, lifestyle, environment and more to figure out what is causing an ailment. According to WebMD, “With functional medicine, the care given is based on the system affected, not the condition diagnosed. For example, a diagnosis of depression may have multiple causes. A functional medicine doctor will research and treat each cause, leading to a personalized treatment approach.” With this specific client, she worked to change her diet and parts of her lifestyle to help treat her issues. She was making progress by doing these items. Colonics were recommended as part of the treatment for her condition, but she had put them off because she was nervous and unsure about getting colonics. She changed her mind when she talk to an acupuncturist who had also come to see me.

Within a few days of her first colonic there were noticeable improvements in her condition. I was so grateful that she reached out to let me know this and continued her sessions with even more benefit. After talking with her, she regretted not coming in sooner. She felt that colonics really helped boost the results of all the other hard work she had been doing and continues to do!

The reason for this post is simple. In natural medicine, we do focus on food & lifestyle so much – which I’m in full agreement with. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for additional therapies, such as colonics to help you get the most of that hard work you have been putting in. If colonics are recommended as part of a holistic health or Functional Medicine approach, do yourself a favor and do not put them off.

Cassandra Orjala has been helping people with colon hydrotherapy for over 30 years in Coeur d’Alene, Spokane and surrounding areas. She currently works and resides in Post Falls, Idaho.