Chemicals and toxins are the primary cause of illness, disease and obesity

“National Geographic”- Studies have discovered various chemicals from our foods and environment that indicates man contributes 700,000 tons of pollutants into the air every day. Without assisting the body in cleansing substances from the organs, it will loose its strength and vitality.  The immune system will become suppressed, contributing to an increase in illness, disease and excess body fat- a major killer in America today.  These chemicals and toxins accumulate over time, and cause the liver and kidneys to become overworked and weak.  Research has shown that stress causes the adrenals to release excess cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers over-indulgence in simple carbohydrates- chocolate, candy, sodas, and ice cream, even when you are not hungry.  Excess cortisol contributes to hormone imbalances. 65% of the world’s population cleanses on a regular basis as a part of their culture. Why don’t North Americans?

According to the National Institute of Health, HEART DISEASE is the number 1 killer of Americans with 1,000,000 deaths each year-CANCER is the number 2. It is estimated that within the next five years, one of two Americans will eventually succumb to heart disease, and one out of  three to cancer. Today one out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. More than 85% percent of these cases are not genetically linked. They are a result of the environment we live in.   What comprises the foods you consume every day? To name a few, pesticides, fertilizers,  chemicals, hormones, and food colorings.  Commercial soils are over-farmed, undernourished, and are deficient in vital minerals and microbes. These minerals and nutrients are not replenished due to the cost involved. Your body is a chemical depository!

So… to rid itself of its toxic burden the body uses a combination of organs and organ systems collectively dubbed  the seven channels of elimination: Liver, Lung, Lymphatic system, Kidneys, Skin, Blood, and Bowel (colon). Each works together to filter and eliminate toxic substances and waste, but because of the increasing number of toxins to which our bodies are exposed daily, these channels are often overwhelmed.

Detoxification is the natural process of filtering waste from the cells, organs, and blood stream, while cleansing refers to eliminating toxins from the body. The liver filters waste and toxins from the blood stream.  It uses enzymes to neutralize or alter waste products and toxins so they can be eliminated easily from the body.  This is called conjugation and is necessary because the body has trouble eliminating fat-soluble waste products on its own.   The enzymes help convert them into water soluble waste products before sending them to the kidneys to be eliminated via the bladder. Waste products that can’t be converted are left in the fat soluble state and deposited into the fat cells located throughout the body. The liver will dump excess waste back into the bloodstream if it becomes too overloaded.  This waste ends up in the kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system.

Water-soluble waste is sent from the liver to the kidneys where it is eliminated through the bladder. If the kidneys become too overloaded, they have no choice but to deposit excess waste back into the bloodstream, where it is then carried into the lungs and skin in an attempt to be eliminated.

The lungs and skin are secondary elimination organs.  Essentially waste that cannot be eliminated through the kidneys and bowel ends up in the bloodstream, from which it may then pass into the lungs and skin.  If these are overloaded the excess waste is passed into the lymphatic system.  Because the bowel is the primary elimination organ most waste ultimately ends up there.  A properly functioning bowel eliminates waste daily, but poor digestion can significantly impact its ability to eliminate waste. When the bowel becomes constipated or overloaded, excess waste is expelled into the bloodstream, where it is then transported to the liver. Constipation can be caused by a number of factors, including a lack of digestive enzymes, a low fiber diet, or an imbalance of beneficial to harmful bacteria in the intestines.  The cause of constipation must first be resolved in order to restore normal, healthy bowel function.

Your body works constantly to rid itself of toxins, but it can’t do the job on its own. A natural cleansing formula can provide additional support. Herbal internal cleansing has been used traditionally to support the body’s natural detoxification process.

Some of the ways that a total body cleansing formula will enhance the detoxification process include:

  • Providing nutritional support for the cleansing organs
  • Strengthening and protecting the organs from damage by toxins
  • Stimulating bile production in the liver
  • Stimulating blood and lymph circulation
  • Promoting mucus discharge from the lungs (an expectorant effect)
  • Eradicating pathogens (such as fungi, viruses and bacteria)
  • Preventing fat deposits from developing in the liver
  • Stimulating peristalsis (muscle contractions that move food through the intestines)
  • Stimulating urine output
  • Hydrating the colon.

For me using a well formulated cleanse has made the detox experience more successful.