Earthing Is a therapeutic process by which you connect with the earth.  Earthing was practiced up until 100 years ago when our ancestors lived in direct contact with the earths surface.  Electrons present in the earths surface can pass through your body through bare feet or sleeping on the natural ground.  Which is said to reconnect and recharge our bodies.

Now most every where we wear shoes and live in insulated houses sleeping on beds , where we are far away from the benefits of being grounded on earths surface.  This disconnect can cause fatigue, disease, chronic pain, and poor sleep that plague many people.  How can you practice earthing? Walk, work, sleep, barefooted outdoors whenever you can. Or relax indoors on a conductive mat that can transfer energy to your body.  Sitting, standing, walking, on grass, concrete, sand or dirt will work for earthing. These surfaces are conductive in bringing the earths energy to you. Wood, asphalt and vinyl will not work, these surfaces are not conductive. Earthing is not a medicine or substitute for medical treatment.  Try earthing for your self 30 minutes out getting connected with the earth.