Can you feel that fall is upon us?  As we transition seasons, we’re all more susceptible to sickness.  This month, I’d like to highlight the benefits of including garlic in your diet, as well as in some other health remedies. 

Throughout the centuries, garlic has been used for endurance, to cure snakebites, and to ail pneumonia and dysentery. To this day some people in Slavic cultures eat a clove of garlic with every meal to prevent colds and flu.  Modern research shows that garlic is helpful in boosting the immune system as well as able to destroy some viruses such as the virus associated with cold sores. 

At the first sign of a cold or flu a simple preventative remedy is to take a full clove and slice it in half. Place one half in each cheek and let the juice get absorbed into your system.  If the strong flavor and odor are unappealing to you, chew on a little anise, cinnamon, or caraway seeds with parsley.  

I hope you’ve thought about focussing on your lung health as we transition to fall.  Below I’ll include a few more ways to work a little more garlic into your fall regimen.  

Cheers to your Radiant Health,

Garlic Recipes
by Carrie L’Esperance and modified by Cassandra Orjala

Oil of Garlic

Peel and mince 1 cup of fresh, organic garlic.  Cover with warm olive oil and let set for 4 days turning the jar a few times a day.  After 4 days, strain the oil and store in a cool place.  One teaspoon of oil can be taken in 3 to 4 times a day.
Also, there is no reason to discard the minced garlic! Use it on steamed or roasted veggies!

Garlic Cough Medicine

Use 1 pound of peeled and sliced organic garlic and cover with equal parts organic apple cider vinegar and distilled water.  Let sit for 5 hours, then strain and mix with equal parts honey.  Keep in a cool place for storage.  One teaspoon of syrup may be taken 3 to 4 times a day.

Garlic Vinegar

Garlic vinegar is easy to make and have on hand. To make, leave peeled and sliced organic garlic in apple cider vinegar. This vinegar can be taken straight or worked into recipes for an immunity boost!