Can you feel that fall is upon us?  As we transition seasons, we’re all more susceptible to sickness.  This transition is great for focusing on healthy lungs and eating foods that promote a healthy immune system. 

One medicinal plant that I’ve learned a lot about is Lobelia.  Jethro Kloss’Back to Eden natural remedies book has a large section on the powerful properties of this plant and lung health.  The Global Healing Center has anice overview of its benefits.  Since this plant is an emetic, it should be used carefully, if ingested.  If anyone is suffering from lung congestion during this transition season, please reach out to me with any questions on natural approaches to relief. 

I hope you’ve thought about focussing on your lungs as we transition.  It’s not too late to start.  Today, I’m including some information on a pineapple fast for your lungs.  I will also be sharing a cold-fighting garlic soup on myFacebook page later this month. Be sure to keep an eye out!

Pineapple Fast for the Lungs

by Carrie L’Esperance and modified by Cassandra Orjala

Pineapple and pineapple juice are great for high blood pressure, tumors, ridding of intestinal worms and lung problems. 

For this fast, you will eat raw pineapple (as much as you’d like) for 3 – 10 days.  Supplement with Wormwood, Mullein or ginger teas, as well as raw figs, almonds and whole pumpkin seeds.  On the third day, and any consecutive fasting days, drink laxative tea (such as senna tea) in the morning or evening to help expel the matter.  A colon hydrotherapy treatment is recommended at the end of your fast.  Yellow-charged water can be consumed during this fast, as well. For information on yellow-charged water, feel free to reach me at