Though it’s been a mild winter this year, winter is persistent. And, as we all know, the winter could go on for another couple of months. This gives us the perfect opportunity to focus on self-care. We need to seek for a healthy mind, body, and soul to find true health.  Let’s take this month to not only feed our physical bodies but also restore our mind and soul.  I’m listing ways below that I like to care for myself. Hopefully, this inspires you to take some time for yourself this month.

Cassandra’s Favorite Self-care Ideas

Due to necessity and a passion for it, I take my health and self-care seriously.  Here are some of my favorite ways to restore my mind, body, and spirit.


I love massage.  I’ve prioritized massage in my life. Not only does it feel wonderful, but there are also many benefits to consistent, therapeutic massage.  Not wanting to invest in the cost of a professional? Find a partner to trade massages with or try out CDA’s Renew and Restore for use of their massage machines for just $15 an hour!

Plant something!

Plants are good for the air we breathe and good for our mental health.  They give us something to care for and watch grow. It’s a simple task (especially succulents), but it can be so rewarding. 

Get enough sleep

It’s simple and doesn’t cost a cent. Skip your TV programs for a week, go to bed on time and notice the difference. 

Meditate or Pray

Another free way to take care of yourself is to set aside a few minutes a day to meditate or pray.  It’s a simple habit that can set the tone for your day.

Turn off your screen

I read recently that there is a correlation between increased screentime and increased depression in women.  We use our phones and screens throughout a lot of our day. Why not consider turning off phones after dinner for a week? It might be the little stay-cation that you need!

Get warm

During these chilly months, it feels SO good to warm up a bit. That could be a hot bath, a sauna session, a hot tub, or 15 – 20 minutes on an infrared natural stone heating mat.


I’ve been working on this one!  I know that clutter increases our stress-causing cortisol levels. I’ve been slowly working my way through the house trying to declutter.  With more time indoors, it’s a great way to spend 10 – 15 minutes a day.

Cassandra Orjala with Radiant Health specializes in colonics and holistic medicine. She is passionate about bringing health and wellness to the Coeur d’Alene community.