Food is the fuel that feeds your body, you only get out what you put in.  Processed, fatty, salty and sugar loaded foods, will make you feel fatigue, and take a toll on your body’s ability to function properly.  The western culture is spoiled by fast, readily available foods. Spoiled rotten, in other words SICK; which we expect doctors to fix with prescriptions. A Chinese Proverbs says” He who takes medicine and neglects his diet, wastes the skill of his doctor.”  There is no quick fix that comes in pill form, that is a lie. The food and health industry need to work hand in hand to function properly.

Health is composed of many aspects of life, foods especially.  But we need to be wise about the foods we eat.  Pay attention to where the food you buy comes from.  Eating food that is grown local and organic will not have the millions of pounds of nasty pesticides that are found in other foods.   Don’t eat something your grandparents wouldn’t recognize as food, or food with ingredients you wouldn’t have in your pantry. Don’t eat food with ingredients you can’t pronounce!  Avoid foods with sugar in the top 3 ingredients, especially high fructose corn syrup. The rules about what you shouldn’t eat goes on and on; if you want to read more, the book FOOD RULES an eaters manual by, Michael Pollan is a very easy read. Foods have very healing properties in their most pure form.  Garlic is a natural antibiotic and can be taken fresh or in garlic pills. Leafy Greens and grains are a staple to have in your diet, they are light and forgiving for a healing body.  When you are eating foods that are good for your body you naturally have the ability to fight infection effectively. Good organic food is also vital food. It gives you energy and a sense of well being. De- vitalized food makes you feel heavy and tired. But more important, it makes you sick in the long run.