I’m excited to share a simple calendula salve recipe with you today. As I’ve discussed before, calendula has many healing properties and is especially great for skin health. You can read more about this wonderful flower from Herbs with Rosalee. Here’s how you make the salve:

Start by making the oil: Put dried (or I have friends who use freshly picked with success) calendula blossoms into a crockpot and cover with organic virgin olive oil. I like to fill my crockpot at least half way full and make a bigger batch. Turn your crockpot on to warm in the afternoon and keep it on overnight until morning (about 12-16 hours). In the morning, turn it off and let it cool. Once cooled pour through unbleached muslin to remove the blooms. Place this oil in dark bottles with a dated label.

To make the salve: Pour 1/2 cup of the oil into a canning jar. Place the canning jar in a water bath over low heat. Add 1 ounce of beeswax to the oil and melt to combine. If you feel it needs to be thicker, you can add up to a full ounce more. The salve can then be poured into small wide mouthed jars or lip balm tubes for use!

I use this salve for any skin condition such as rashes, burns or irritation. It’s great for diaper rash too!

Cassandra Orjala has been helping clients with colon hydrotherapy and natural living for over 30 years in North Idaho.