This a poem from a friend of mine that I just love.


has nothing to do with

Time or Life or Death.

Only that a soul remembers

it is Spirit and not the flesh.

For even 1000 years –

if you think of eternity –

is only the blink of an eye

or the buzz of a passing bee.

So as we’re here together

in this “thing” we call Life…

Let’s not sweat the small stuff*

and fill our time with strife.

Let’s just learn to be in the moment,

present and mindful of the Oneness –

information intertwined –

and know that energy never goes away

it just changes Form from time to time.

Dwight Danserean

*There are two rules for living a stress free life:

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  2. Remember that everything is small stuff.