Bernard Jensen said “There is no such thing as a cold, it is only your body ridding itself of excess mucous.” To avoid the seasonal cold, cleansing is very important! In the fall we should cleanse our lungs as well as the colon. Years ago I learned about a cleanse for the lungs that is very effective. It has helped many of my clients eliminate the old mucous in their lungs.

Another key is to build up the immune system. Diet is extremely important! Take a serious look at what you are eating. Are there foods that cause mucous, sugar, excess dairy? If you are eating foods that are not appropriate for your blood type, that also will compromise your immune system. The bottom line is prevention. If we stay healthy through good food choices, regular detox and cleansing our chances of getting a cold are greatly reduced.

If you find yourself already in the throws of a cold, a colonic series will help tremendously! I have actually thrown off a cold by having a colonic! I Hope this information helps you to enjoy the changing of the season.

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