Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 12.05.09 PMJeanne, a client of Cassandra’s, lives a jam packed busy life, so on this particular visit to Radiant Health Colon Hydrotherapy, she was a tad bit late.  She thanked Cassandra for being so understanding and flexible.  She also raved that Cassandra is very dependable and that she could always count on Cassandra to take her work with her schedule.  To top it off Jeanne says that Cassandra is very friendly and provides good advice and comfort.  I asked why Jeanne gets colonics. She says it kick starts the process of feeling and being healthy and young.  Jeanne said that colonics are good for her because sometimes she struggles with consuming bad food and drinks.  Unhealthy foods or drinks  supply the fuel for pollutants to thrive in your body which can cause pain, fatigue, and an all around unhealthy feeling.  Jeanne says that when she comes in to get a colonic she feels more accountable toward her health; she stays aware of the foods she eats.  She says that feeling good and clean from a colonic causes her to do better with her diet instead of being in a “doesn’t matter” what you eat mode.  Colonics have helped Jeanne with asthma and all around better health and wellness for 10 years.

By Brianna Oliver (Radiant Health intern 2012)