May brought a challenge that provided a learning experience. I awoke on May 1st, with what I thought was a breast infection. It was very sore, swollen and appeared to be a plugged duct.

I immediately got out my Rosemary Gladstar Herbal Recipies book. She suggested a castor oil pack with heat and using the 30 minutes or so to visualize the lump shrinking. She also had recipes for tea and massage oil which I will share below.  I drank lots of tea and fluids for days.

I called my naturopath to get a homeopathic remedy and started to take echinacea. The breasts contain a high concentration of lymphatic tissue and glands so I made a point to massage gently to try to move lymph fluid from the clogged area. Fortunately, it was my day off so I was able to rest and allow my body to repair. Before I went to bed I did an infrared sauna. I really felt terrible as I climbed into bed, I knew something was trying to move through my body. I felt flu-like symptoms and my joints ached. Yet, when I awoke in the morning the achiness was gone.    

I was unable to see my doctor for almost a week! So I proceeded on my own. It’s not always easy to use holistic methods to heal, it’s definitely a slower process! But, it’s something I’ve done for years. By the time I saw my doctor all the swelling and soreness was gone. I’m scheduled for an ultrasound this week to see what we can see.  Since I have a history of cancer, I do like to take extra precautions even though I have been able to find a successful home remedy. 

The take away here is that I found a great tea and massage oil for breast health. Poke root oil is amazing for the lymph system! I ordered the oil from Mountain Rose Herbs online. 

If you desire to become more proficient at treating yourself I highly recommend Rosemary’s book. Message me if you have questions; I’m always happy to answer them.

Cheers to your Radiant Health!

P.S. To all my male clients: I’ll be sharing a prostate tea in June!


Breast Health Tea

2 parts Calendula
2 parts Red Clover
1 part Cleaver’s
1 part Lady’s Mantle

Combine ingredients as an infusion. Using 1 ounce of herbs per quart of water, allow to steep overnight. Drink 3 – 4 cups daily to nourish the blood and encourage healthy lymphatic flow.
Yance’s Poke Oil

1 ounce Pokeroot infused oil
2 teaspoons Arica infused oil
2 teaspoons mistletoe tincture
1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

Combine ingredients. Bottle and store in a cool, dark location. Use as a massage oil for the breasts.  Caution: Fresh pokeroot is one of the most effective remedies for fibrocystic tissue, but it is also irritating to the skin. Do not exceed the recommended amount.