Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Then nutrition is the first step! It seems that our culture has embraced fast, easy, and “super-size”. You only need to look around to see the consequences of that! My experience is that as we increase our nutrition and cleanse the system our health improves.

I have been using Eat Right 4 You Type for many years. Eating in a way that addresses your blood type can  make the difference between feeling energized or depressed, fat or fit. Foods that “seem” healthy could be unhealthy for you. I assess your blood type then coach you toward the appropriate choices for your health. This includes lifestyle changes. I provide handouts to help you with your transition and have been coaching people for many years. I really enjoy being of service in this way. Many of my clients have become my friends.

Using organic foods as much as possible will make a big difference. The nutritional value is 10-15 times higher than non-organic, and they are grown without pesticides. The money you spend now will save countless dollars in the future. You can’t buy your health back!

By assessing your current health profile ,together we will create a protocol that is doable for you.