With fall getting into swing, fresh produce still abounds and it’s a perfect time for a detox.  Many fall health and healing plans include detoxing.  Whether that be a juice detox, Master Cleanse, or some other form of detoxing the body with nourishing, water-heavy, raw foods, many people forget the importance of colon hydrotherapy, or colonics, in their detox plans.  

When I started detoxing in 1977, the herbalist I was training under could not stress enough the importance of cleansing out the colon during a detox.  He explained that as the body detoxes toxins into the colon, it is imperative to get them out as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are recirculating those toxins back into the blood. Can you imagine? 

For those new to colonics, it is an extended and more complete form of an enema. The colonic methods extend beyond the rectum to cleanse the entire colon offering greater cleansing and therapeutic benefits. The treatment is a safe, gentle infusion of warm purified water into the large intestine with no discomfort to the individual. The temperature and pressure are monitored throughout the treatment as water is circulated in and out of the colon. This method provides a closed system in which the waste material is eliminated through the instrument and out the drain line, avoiding any offensive odor and maintaining the dignity of the individual. In my practice, massage is a critical component of the therapy. Massaging the abdomen causes an increase of circulation needed to heal the lining of the colon. It also brings about important system responses whereby the entire system functions better.

If I’m facilitating the detox, I suggest getting the colon working at it’s best first.  Using an herbal colon cleanse, then having a colonic before starting any detox seems to get the best results.  I tell my clients that when they detox they should be eliminating regularly. Many detoxes tend to slow the system down. In which case, it’s important to help the body to do a good job flushing out the “bad stuff.”   I have had clients in the middle of a cleanse call because they haven’t had an elimination in days. Yikes! They usually feel really bad with headaches, lethargy, and flu-like symptoms. These flu-like symptoms can occur during a detox just from releasing heavy toxins, so making sure you’re flushing out regularly is well worth the effort.   My advice is to stop the cleanse until we get the colon back on track. A series of colonics during any cleanse can make all the difference in the world!

Before you start your fall health reboot, consider scheduling a colonic or series of colonics to get the most out of your detox.  Renowned Colon Hydrotherapist, Dr. Norman Walker once stated it wisely, “There is no ailment, sickness, or disease that will not respond to treatment quicker and more effectively than it will after the administration of a series of colon irrigations [colonics].”