I’m just returning from a revitalizing spiritual women’s retreat on Quadra Island, BC, so please excuse my delay on this newsletter!  It was a much needed long weekend with many women that I love and admire (pictured below).  I’m returning rejuvenated and with new intention; ready to spread some of that positive energy with my clients. 

Intentions are a tricky thing. They are so easily set, but, it is not so easy to stick to an intention for a meaningful length of time.  With spring in motion, I’ve been thinking that now is the best time to begin thinking about an intention to set for this summer. I would challenge you to do the same and make this summer’s intention one about your health! And, with gardens about to spring back to life, nice weather for getting outside upon us, and all the beautiful pools of water to soak and play in around our region, is there an easier time to be healthy than summer?  I do not think so.

It is my belief that colonics can jump-start or help facilitate keeping to an intention around your health. Cleansing your body of toxins can create new clarity, can jumpstart weight loss, or in a series, they can even be a simple reminder for you to revisit your intentions to your health.  I would love to help you stay on course for your health intentions as we move closer to summer. 

Feel free to reach out to me at any time to schedule a colonic. Email: radianthealthcda@gmail.com