One very friendly client of Cassandras named Wendy allowed to let me sit in a watch her colonic.  After she was hooked up to the machine i got to come in, Wendy then began to tell me her story.  Wendy suffers from a weak immune system on this particular visit she was sucking on throat lozenges so she could speak.  Wendy said she was constipated for 25 years, she worked as a medical assistant, along with the toxins in foods, in the air, and water, Id say she was a toxin bomb waiting to explode. In fact things progressively got worse.  Until she took control of her life and began series of Colonics and acupuncture.

Wendy was constipated for 25 years, only expelling waste maybe once a week. When she explained this to her doctor he said on going once a week is right for her that she had nothing to worry about.  Now that is very wrong, Wendy was chronically constipated and needed relief .“Colon Health” by Norman W Walker Illustrates an example of a city’s sewage and garbage system going on strike what would happen disease, unhealthy gases etc. Well consider your colon being your sewage system If your not expelling properly then chances are all of your other organs are suffering majorly.  Then Wendy got a job working as a medical assistant.  One of her job descriptions was to hand mold mercury into amalgams. The toxins from the amalgams were directly on her fingertips exposing her to a world of negative toxins.

So factor in her years of toxic waste not being expelled properly,  working with heavy toxic metals and the toxins we cannot avoid in our daily life from foods, water, air, make up, radioactive waves, the list goes on.  All of these toxins must have had a really negative impact on poor Wendy.  She began to have allergies to wheat and peanuts, which hadn’t bothered her ever before. Then she couldn’t stand the smells walking into department stores because they sprayed a chemical in the air.  She actually got so bad that she wasn’t eating anything , on top of that she could not drink water because of the chemicals from the containers, the pipes they ran through even the filters. Wendy said her throat and tongue would swell up and she would become terrified.  So she began to seek help On her way to a nature path doctor she passed a fire on the road. She couldn’t breathe, Wendy said  “honestly thought i was going to die”. Her nature path doctor told her many steps to take for recovery, one particularly was Colonics.

She began doing Colonics and at first didn’t get the results that she desired so she thought it was useless until, she went to see Cassandra at Radiant Health.  Cassandra has been working with her for 4 years along side acupuncture. Wendy says that this saved her life. Colonics date back to ancient time and you even see birds give themselves Colonics.

I think colonics are a staple in a healthy prosperous lifestyle. Also a necessity for someone suffering from a very toxic body. My name is Brianna and I am learning that colonocis are right for me and everyone else in the world of sugary processed pesticide foods.  If you are considering Colonics i think it is the best gift you can give your body, the home you live in. If you don’t  take care of your body where will you live? Take care of your health and schedule an appointment with Cassandra Orjala, she offers competitive prices and a comfortable at home atmosphere.  I am blessed with this opportunity to learn and work with the ultimate healing advantages of colonics.

– By Brianna Oliver (student of Cassandra)