I can’t believe that two months went by without seeing a single one of you. When this all started, we were still in the last grip of winter and now I have poppies blooming in my yard! I’m thankful to have been able to stay connected with people virtually. And, now the time has come to reopen and I’m doing my best to do this in a safe and thoughtful way.

North Idaho was very fortunate to not have been hit too hard in the first wave of this novel corona virus. But, that doesn’t mean it is all over. Just this week there was a new incident of community spread in a pasta factory in Spokane where 32 new cases were found. There is still good reason to be cautious.

Because I care for you and your health, I am doing the following to keep your appointments safe:

  • Sanitizing the room and equipment between appointments (this is something that I always do anyways!)
  • Taking care to clean all hard surfaces and door knobs in trafficked areas to the appointment room, as well as the restroom.
  • I will be wearing a mask for appointments.
  • As always, I will be washing my hands frequently.

I’m hopeful that because I am taking these precautions for you, that you will come to your appointment with a mask on. Wearing a mask is a gift that you can give others to help keep them safe. Thank you for considering taking this precaution for your appointments at Radiant Health.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again! I cannot wait for a time when hugs are given freely again!

See you soon – Cassandra