What can you expect during your first colonic?

Single Colonic: $80
Series of three: $225*
*For your benefit, to be used within 60 days.

Colonic irrigation offers something that can not be obtained simply by cleansing the colon alone. While a clean colon prevents the long-term negative reflex activity upon the body caused by a toxic colon, it does not generate the powerful short-term positive reflex impulse upon the body afforded by colonic irrigations. Judiciously done, colonic’s are safe, relaxing, and do not upset internal intestinal flora, hormone levels, or the sodium potassium balance.

This is a short video that does a great job explaining how a colonic works and what to expect. Enjoy!

The usual session lasts about 45 minutes. All rectal speculums are disposable. After the gentle insertion of the speculum into the rectum, it is attached to a plastic hose which connects to our modern equipment. The therapist then adjusts the flow and temperature of the water coming out of the machine.

The water travels through the plastic hose into the rectum and potentially through the entire colon. You temporarily receive a regulated volume of water to your personal tolerance. Our system has a filter for the water, and we use warm and cold water in a pressure and release method to induce peristaltic action in the colon. While lying comfortably on the table, the plastic hose which leads back into the Colon Hydrotherapy machine allows the waste to empty. All tubes are disposed of after each client.

During the session, you are covered and comfortable. Please contact me with further questions or to make an appointment.


Call Cassandra with any questions: 208.640.4668