Radiant Health Nutritional Counseling and Colonics testimonials

“I’ve received colonics & healing with Cassandra over the last 15 years. Colonics rid my body of toxins & pain, enabling me to function and cope with chronic health challenges. Cassandra’s excellent care, wealth of knowledge & consistent readiness to problem solve has greatly improved my health and comfort.”

Debbie Rowe

Spokane, WA

“Before seeing Cassandra I was a mess and I mean a mess!  I endured over one year of severe constipation that made me feel horrible physically and mentally.  I had tried everything under the sun to resolve my problem with no relief. This includes eating very healthy and following everything by the book that my nutritionist had recommended for me. After my first session, I experienced relief, unlike any time that I can ever recall.  I couldn’t believe how much waste was removed from my life.  My mental clarity and wellbeing improved almost immediately. After my third day from my first session, I was able to have a normal well-shaped bowel movement, unlike anything that I had seen in over a year. I’ve now done 3 sessions and haven’t felt better since being a child. I wish that I would have done this over a year ago. I would have avoided a lot of unnecessary crankiness and agitation that now has lifted out of my life. The setting here is very clean and comfortable. This comforted me a lot especially because it took me over a month of hesitation to get myself to do this. Cassandra is wonderful and I instantly felt comfortable with her.  If you have my described problem or just want a good healthy cleanse, please utilize this service as soon as you can. You won’t regret it.  Cassandra truly is a helping healer.”


Sandpoint, Idaho

“Every time I visit North Idaho I stop to see Cassandra. She has played a special role in my life by helping me see the beauty inside myself while giving me the tools to cleanse and live the life I only dreamed about. Colonics are the start of health, but Cassandra knows the big picture when it comes to supplements and diet. I recommend you go see her and gain a friend for life that can guide you to real health and happiness.”

Mary Boulder


“Cassandra has been a blessing in my life for many years. Dealing with several health problems Cassandra was able to help me lose weight and develop a new diet that improved my health. Cassandra has a unique love for people and providing all she can to help them with there health and overall wellness. It’s quite special.


Coeurd’ Alene, ID

“Thank you again!  I could not have made it through that training without your help.  Hope you had a wonderful retreat.  Will let you know what I find out about that clinic and if I come back.  Blessings!


Seattle, WA

“I have been getting colonics for 40 years, and I must say, this was the best I’ve ever had. Your massage techniques are unique and very effective. I felt like the session cleared me thoroughly, and I felt immediately better.”

Thank you so very much!

Laura Syperda


“My wife has had to deal with migraine headaches all her adult life. This has lead to years of prescription drug ingestation resulting in chronic constipation requiring colonics. She had her first colonic 25 years ago, and Cassandra’s massage and irrigation techniques have proven to be the very best.”

Ceil Hoffman