Use this Heat to your Advantage!

Last month I discussed a summer solstice cleanse. I know the words “detox” and “cleanse” can feel daunting to many, but I wanted to talk a little about the short, simple cleanse I did and ways to use this heat as a jumpstart to your health!

At the start of summer, I did a simple cleanse for almost a week.  I kept it easy this time around.  I cut out alcohol, sugar, grains and animal products. I focused mainly on eating tons of fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of fluids! For breakfast, I did follow Dr. Hunter Peterson’s fruit salad. For lunches and dinners, lots of salads and steamed veggies. I enjoyed fruit and juicing for snacks in between. 

With the heat this summer and market season upon us, I found the timing for a simple cleanse to be about perfect. I’m hardly spending any time cooking and keeping my kitchen cool, I’m enjoying an abundance of local produce from our market, and I’m quickly sweating out some toxins when I go outside! Losing weight wasn’t my focus, but I lost 5 pounds pretty quickly.

Another way to use this heat to your advantage is to make sun tea. I’ve been making a hibiscus and calendula tea quite a bit, as well as straight hibiscus and adding fresh lemon and cucumber slices. Both are so refreshing.  Hibiscus is a powerful flower with benefits. According to Learning Herbs, “Hibiscus flower […] are known for their moistening and healing qualities. In recent years, a few human clinical trials have found hibiscus to be beneficial for people with Type 2 Diabetes and mildly high blood pressure. Hibiscus is high in antioxidants and can help reduce excessive or chronic inflammation.”

I hope this helps encourage you to do a cleanse, even if it is less restrictive than this! Any commitment to refocusing your diet around fresh fruits and vegetables will benefit your health.

Cassandra Orjala has been helping people with colonics and cleanses for over 30 years. She currently works and resides in Post Falls, ID.