Since this summer heat will not relent, I wanted to bring you a list of great water-rich foods to keep you hydrated when you just can’t drink that next glass of water. Here are my favorites in order starting with the least and going up from there.

Apples – 85.56% water

Pineapple – 86% water

Oranges – 86.75% water

Carrots – 88.29% water

Peaches – 88.87% water

Broccoli – 89.3% water

Kale – 89.63% water

Honeydew – 89.82% water

Cantaloupe – 90.15% water

Strawberries – 90.95% water

Spinach – 91.4% water

Watermelon – 91.45% water

Zucchini – 92.73% water

Romaine Lettuce – 93.47% water

Celery – 95.43% water

Cucumber – 96.73% water

This list is great to keep handy while shopping. Add a few of these items to your cart this week. Most of the fruits make lovely additions to infused water because of their juice content. Enjoy!


Cassandra Orjala of Radiant Health has been assisting people with nutritional guidance and colonics for over 30 years. She currently works and resides in North Idaho.