Autumn is a great time to focus on the lungs and the large intestine. What could be more fitting for our current global situation than focusing on your lungs? 

In Chinese medicine, autumn is associated with the Metal element, which is linked to lungs and large intestine.  Metal is also associated with skin and body hair.  All of these are used to expel waste from the body. When we think about the lungs and skin, in particular, both are used to expel waste into the air.  

As we move into the cooler seasons, it’s a great time to cleanse the body to prepare it for fighting winter illnesses ahead. I have a couple of ideas for you here; a pineapple cleanse for lung health (found here) and the throat gargle recipe below!

Fisherman’s Friend Gargle Recipe

This gargle is a great thing to have on hand as fall and winter approach. The Fisherman’s gargle is simple to make. Just dissolve 2 boxes of Fisherman’s lozenges in one quart of vodka. Have this on hand to gargle at first sign of coming down with a cold or sore throat. You can swallow this gargle. 

Cassandra Orjala has been helping people with nutrition and colonics for over three decades. She currently works and resides in Post Falls, Idaho.