1) Purify your body; Seaweeds purify all of the world’s oceans. Sea plants protect our bodies from radiation and heavy metals, by turning them into harmless salts that your bodies can easily eliminate.  Seaweed contains natural iodine, that can reduce 80% of radioactive iodine that is absorbed into the thyroid.

2)  Anti-Cancer; There are over 47 different varieties of seaweeds that fight cancer.  As little as 5% of seaweed added to your diet can inhibit cancer growth.  To name a few anti-cancer seaweeds, Green Laver Sea Lettuce, Kelp, Kombu and Red Marine Algae.

3)  Bone Health; Seaweeds are rich in calcium, iron, iodine, potassium, vitamin D, and magnesium.  All are strong building blocks for a healthy body. Magnesium and vitamin D is essential for absorption of calcium which is great for your bones.

4) Heart Disease; Seaweeds easily dissolve fat deposits in the cardiovascular system that can often lead to heart disease.

5) Thyroid; High amounts of iodine are found in seaweeds.