I love each change of season. It’s natures gentle way of reminding us to reset our habits and our health.  As each change of season approaches, I’ve found it to be a great time to do some sort of detox. You’ve got a little over a week to prepare and I’m here to guide you!After talking with my own holistic health care provider, I’m encouraged to do a detox to start this summer season.  This past season as been a full one. I’ve seen so many of you and kept quite busy. I also had a surgery and 2 weeks spent with family, which always gets anyone out of their normal diet routines. 

My doctor, Hunter Peterson NMD, encouraged me to do a 5 day fruit & vegetable cleanse. This cleanse is fairly easy to follow, but does include quite a bit of prep work. I recently had a client ask me which cleanse I thought was best for her to do.  In my opinion, it’s always best to choose the cleanse you think you’ll be able to follow.  I’ll give you a couple examples of what I mean.

For some, prepping a  bunch of fresh fruits and veggies is more than they would usually do in the kitchen and may create a barrier to actually completing a cleanse.  It may feel daunting or take more time than their schedule allows. In that case, something like the Master Cleanse (noted below under #3) is a great option. It requires little preparation and frees up a lot of time.  But, it is a big physical commitment and you will experience a new sensation of what it feels like to be satiated with an only liquid diet. For others, the fruit and vegetable cleanse (noted below under #1) might be easier if the prep work does not present an issue and the need to eat is stronger.  Whatever feels more attainable to you is a great place to start.

Here are links to some cleanses that I have featured in the past to help guide  you on what might be a good cleanse for you. If you want guidance on these as well as a colonic or colonic series to increase the benefit of your cleanse, please give me a call to schedule. 208.640.4668

1. My modification of Dr. Hunter Peterson’s Detox is similar to what I will follow.
2. This fall detox from Seasonal Detox Diet could be adapted to include foods that are abundant in our area this time of year. Just eating fresh, organic, seasonal fruits and veggies only for 3 days will create a noticeable difference. 
3. Here is a link to simple description and instruction to the Master Cleanse as mentioned above. (Please note: I suggest using herbs instead of the Smooth Move tea as I’ve found many people get cramps. Feel free to reach out with questions on this.)

I’m also including a recipe below for a Summer Solstice Juice  by Carrie L’Esperance. I will likely incorporate her cleanse guidance and this juice into my upcoming detox. 

Summer Juice
Direct from Seasonal Detox Diet by Carrie L’Esperance, “This fast is a lifesaver when the body is exhausted from too much traveling, too many restaurant meals, or too many late work nights. The atmosphere in which you do a fast is important: no stress, no strenuous workouts, meditate daily, and take time for renewal and relaxation.

This juice combination has a rich supply of vitamins and minerals that boosts the health of the glands; it can be enriched by the addition of gelatin if desired. This juice works quickly to rid the body of excess fat and mucus. 

berry juice ‘/4 C
grape juice ‘/4 C
apple juice ‘/4 C
lemon juice 2 T.
whey powder 1 T.
unflavored gelatin (optional) 1 – 2 T.

Combine the fruit juices in equal proportions, add lemon juice and whey. Dissolve gelatin in 1 cup hot water and add to each quart of juice, if desired. Drink this juice combination for a minimum of 1 day—anytime you are hungry. Eat no solid food or other foods but take a multivitamin every day, if desired. Be sure to keep the intestinal tract clear with a laxative herbal remedy each day, or do enema therapy.”

You can view a link to instructions for an at home enema here. 

Cassandra Orjala has been practicing colonics and nutritional guidance for over 30 years in North Idaho.