Why not take some time this August for self care?  As the school year approaches, many of us are trying to pack as many summer activities in as possible, but with the heat and smoke this summer, I’m feeling a different pace is required.

I love self care. Not only because I think it is rejuvenating and rewarding, but I also feel it has significantly benefitted (and potentially extended) my life since my cancer diagnosis almost a decade ago.  Here are some top self care choices that I would suggest for August. Some cost and some don’t, hopefully this will give you some ideas!

1. Yoga. I love a good yoga class and have been enjoying the classes from Morning Light Yoga quite a bit lately. Look for a restorative class (likely only offered once a week at most studios) to really give yourself some care.

2. Essential oils. Did you know that essential oils have the power to change our heart rate?! If you don’t have much time, but need a mental shift, why not diffuse a relaxing essential oil like lavender, lemon or bergamot to calm the nervous system?  It’s best to use essential oils before bedtime.

3. Acupuncture. I swear by my acupuncturist, Lindsey, at White Cypress Natural Health. She has been such a wonderful gift to my health.

4. Stretch. Set a timer for 20 minutes, tuck yourself away in a quiet room, and just stretch. It’s simple and good for you both long and short term!

5. Colonics. I wouldn’t be in this career if I didn’t believe in the power of colonics. A series of colonics is great way to check in on a long term self care commitment beyond the more immediate health benefits.

6. Declutter. I’ve been doing this slowly over the years, but nothing feels better than giving yourself a couple hours to take on a closet. For those of you who are parents to school aged kids – you’ll be so happy you decluttered a few things before the busy fall season!

I’d love to hear what you sneak in for self care at the end of a full summer!

Cassandra Orjala has been offering colonics and colon hydrotherapy for over 30 years to Coeur d’Alene and surrounding area.