This excerpt from Joybilee Farms, gives a nice overview of some of the beautiful properties of the Rugosa Rose, “The Rugosa rose is one of the best roses for producing rose hips for herbal medicine… The hips are abundant and rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and flavinoids.  Both flowers and hips are edible, while the leaves are medicinal.

Like all rose family plants all parts of the plant are astringent and good for the heart and circulation.  The slight bitterness of the hips and petals aid digestion.   The fragrance in rugosa roses is strong and attractive. However hybrid varieties vary when compared to the seed grown flowers, in both fragrance and color.”

Do you have these or wild roses popping up in your garden or yard? Why not use some of these as part of your medicine cabinet? I’m sharing a few simple recipes that make use of this healthful plant.

Nerve Tonic from Carrie L’esperance

Drink this general rejuvenator for the nervous system daily for 2 to 3 months to help stress away.

3 parts lemon balm

1 part chamomile

1 part oats

1/2 part chrysanthemum flowers

1/2 part rose petals

1/4 part lavender flowers

Stevia to taste (optional)

Combine the herbs. Prepare as a tea infusion. Drink 1 cup three or four times daily.

Sleep Pillow from Carrie L’esperance

Combine all these goodies into a small pouch and tuck it into your pillowcase. These “dream pillows” have been used for centuries. What a fun way to use your roses.

1 part dried chamomile

1 part dried hops

1 part dried lavender

1 part dried roses

1 – 2 drops lavender essential oil

Mix the herbs. Stuff in a small pillow or pouch and sleep with it in your pillowcase.

Cassandra Orjala is an herbalist and colon hydrotherapist in Post Falls, Idaho with over 30 years experience.